How to Effectively Clean the Bathroom Quickly

The bathroom is one of the most important places in the home. It’s also where you find a lot of residue that you do not want to let accumulate. But fortunately, cleaning your bathroom does not need to feel like a chore, especially with a Fabuloso clean. Try these cleaning tips:

1. Sink: You can use a mixture of vinegar and water, in addition to your favorite Fabuloso product.

2. Toilet bowl: Mix baking soda with hot water and pour it into the bowl. For the outside of the toilet bowl, use Fabuloso 2X Concentrated or Fabuloso Antibacterial as directed.

3. Shower: Use a mixture of hot water, vinegar and salt on the walls of the shower or bathtub. Then, use Fabuloso as directed.

4. Floor: Sweep or vacuum the floor, then use Fabuloso as directed.

This is a personal suggestion provided by consumers, Colgate-Palmolive assumes no responsibility for this information; Our recommendation is always to follow the instructions for use of our products.

How to Effectively Clean the Bathroom Quickly

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