Our Story

For almost 40 years, people have been passionate about Fabuloso®.

1980 - Fabuloso Launches in Venezuela


Launches in

Passionate about the fragrances. Passionate about the experience. Passionate about the clean. Fabuloso® was created in Venezuela—a country where the sense of smell is very much a part of the Latino communication process—in 1980, a time when cleaning products weren’t especially fragrant. Yet to walk into someone’s home and have it smell clean was extremely important in the Latino community to convey how well a woman took care of her house and her family. Women complained: they would work hard cleaning then, before their husbands came home, the all-important “clean” fragrance would evaporate. Along with all their hard work!

1983 - Fabuloso Moves Into Mexico


moves into

“Everyone in Miami knows that a house that doesn’t smell like Fabuloso® is super sucia.” —The Miami Herald

Enter, Fabuloso®. The moment this residue-free, multi-surface cleaner came into their homes, people fell in love with the sparkling clean surfaces and unmistakable, uplifting fragrances—fragrances that you could feel, like passion fruit, ocean paradise and lavender. Not to mention the way the fragrances would last! Now, with Fabuloso®, the moment anyone entered their home, their hard work and care was instantly felt. 

Since then, Fabuloso® has evolved into a brand meant for anyone who takes pride in his or her home and wants it to shine. To smell good. To feel good. To spark joy.

“If you hate cleaning as much as I do, get this product and you will definitely feel like your hard work has paid off when this great scent lingers throughout the house.” —Amazon user

In 1996 Fabuloso® was brought to the United States, where it became and instant hit, standing out on shelf from the usual drab cleaners thanks to its zingy rainbow of colors and, of course, playful fragrances. 

1996 - Fabuloso Launches in USA


in USA

“This product smells like it was made from unicorns.” —Amazon user

Today, generations of families all over the world know there’s no mess that can’t be cleaned up by Fabuloso®—and there’s nothing that smells better. It’s not just a cleaner, it’s a catalyst for joy!